What we think to be true and what we KNOW to be true are two very different things. What is ACTUALLY true is something else entirely.


That's why exploring truth and understanding what it really is, what it means to different people, and how to come to terms with it, and live our own truths, is so important.

Because truth cannot be simply defined...

"a statement about the way the world actually is"

...well, that could mean just about anything! Because who are we as humans to state how the world actually is? We still can't agree on whether or not life exists on other planets, let alone the existence of other planes, so how can we possibly attempt to understand truth as it actually is?

What we can attempt is to uncover our own truth, to learn and accept what is true for US. In defining this truth, we can learn to from it, use it for the greater good, and live more honest, open, and joyful lives.

That is what we are here to do - to be your guide to your truth.