There's a very strong truth in the title of our about page. It is a phrase that has haunted me all my life. 

The truth is this - so far, 'we' is me. Just me. I'm no one particularly special, but I am also someone rather extraordinary - as we all are. We simply are.

My father used to say this to me all the time...'who do you think you are?' Not to challenge my self-awareness or inspire me to ask the big questions - no - he said it to bring me down, put me in my place, remind me that I was, indeed, nothing.

My answer at the time was to back down, mumble something incoherent about being nobody, and blink away tears. In my beautiful innocence at the time, who I thought I was didn't even matter. What mattered, and what should have mattered to my parents and the adults around me who were meant to be mentors, was who I believed I was.

Who we are and who we believe we are not always the same thing. We may believe we are a mother or a dancer or a wife or a daughter or a CEO, or an artist...but what we truly are is something else. And that's what I do - 

I am a Goddess of Light , a Seeker of Truth, a Guide, a Teacher, a Nurturer, and an Eternal Soul

Who do I think I am? I am LOVE.